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After Sandy

(Warning this post has tons of pictures. Just so you know)

Well unless many of you have been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, it’d be hard to ignore the catastrophe that has stricken the East Coast of the United States. Hurricane Sandy has devastated my entire area and finally after the last two weeks of recovery, power outages, and massive quantities of overtime- life is returning to normal. In the past (and upon almost all of my previous publications) I’ve used a tagline that states simply that I’m a writer from a small town on the Jersey Shore. Well now that most of the Jersey Shore is in ruins I think this holds true more than ever. I’m proud of my communities for aiding each other in this dire time of need.

Lucky enough for me I received little damage compared to my neighbors. The people who constructed my house almost a century and a half ago knew what they were doing and when the 12 feet of water consumed my street the water went around my house and swept out the rest of the street. During the early hours of the storm, waves were reaching my deck 16 feet up and destroyed my backyard. 

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A Collective of Sorts; Want to Guest Post?

To be a writer is an odd mental phenomena. Whether you subscribe to the notion that we are merely antennas t0 a greater a¬†consciousness¬†or that the imagination is a creation of our brain; you can’t deny that creating characters and stories and articulating them to readers across the world is a bizarre yet rewarding thing. Stereotypes of us as a whole will always be crafted like we are all drinkers or odd folk may apply to some, or many, ¬†but I don’t want to over¬†generalize¬†my own people, but one may actually be true: we are a lone. Writing is a solemn experience between you and your word processor whether it’s a sheet of paper or a blank computer screen. In recent years this journey has become a lot less lonely; right now I am writing this and within seconds other people may read this and comment, share, and communicate. Writing has finally found its own mecca on the web. We’re here and we’re writing now.

This blog has been around for a long while, a couple of years now, but this is my most dedicated approach to it. There are thousands of other bloggers who blog about being writers and that may be a very conservative estimate. This time I’m going to start expanding this blog in a more communal way; guest posts, interviews, blog tour events, and tons of more things.

Want to guest post? Have a new book out and want to be interviewed? Want to just say hello? Go to the Contact Page and drop me a note.  We can even collaborate on a project or anything, just drop a line.

Blogging is a communal thing and I’m going to take it on headstrong.

Nanowrimo Prep

Well my birthday has come to a close in a great night of food and happiness and now I’m back to the grind-or back to the journey! The grind sounds way too much like work and while writing may take loads of dedication, determination, and time, but it certainly doesn’t equate itself to work. Now that I’ve gotten myself over that- let’s get into the topic of the post: Nanowrimo 2012. Ah the times are a’changing-I feel like Camp Nanowrimo was just yesterday.

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On Dating Someone Who’s Not a Writer

Well some of you may notice that time to time on my twitter (follow me, I’m close to 1000 followers)

Bam! Bringing Romance to The Gray Pen

I tweet to my girlfriend, oh yes romance is not quite dead contrary to some of your views. Anna is amazing, beautiful, and very supportive of my writing endeavors, but she’s not a writer. Now I know what you’re saying- “ah no! You can’t romanticize outside of the literary population”- well maybe you’re not saying that at all, but there is a significant hurdle in discussing let alone dating someone who doesn’t share the same interests as you. While this may keep the relationship engaging, it may be a shock to some of you at first.

Here’s some of my advice and observations:

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