Get a real job

I’m sure most young writers or old for that matter have heard that writing won’t pay your bills. That you should invest in a “real job” and get a degree in school and then work your way to earning a nice salary.

Why can’t being a writer be a full time job?

There’s no reason it can’t be. Many, many authors do very well for themselves writing novels full time like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Dan Brown and so many others have gone beyond that realm to stardom and mass success.

One of the greatest examples of the climb to success is Christopher Paolini (Author of Inheritance Cycle series) who began to write Eragon at age 15. Once his parents saw the manuscript they self published it and went around the country promoting it. The novel was eventually discovered by Carl Hiaasen (novelist) who by chance had it republished by Alfred A. Knopf publishing house. This would lead to a re-reease of the novel in 2003 leading Paolini to fame and success. Eragon was later remade into a movie.

J.K. Rowling

And even to say look at J.K. Rowling who was a struggling single mother when she jotted the ideas to Harry Potter at a cafe near her home.

The opportunities to springboard into the bestseller list are always present. However, sometimes it takes time and dedication. If writing, whether it be novels, stories or poetry interests you than take the reigns and work at it until you can turn it into a career. Maybe a day job might be necessary until you build up some traction with your writing, but never let the dream die.

How do you feel about writing as a career?

Christopher Paolini


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5 responses to “Get a real job

  • ringle

    I totally love your blog and your courage in writing it. I wish I had had your talent as a writer and your know-how with techy stuff as a senior in high school. Oh, wait, we were using typewriters back then!

    I’ll definitely be back here to check out more as you continue to write. Keep it up!
    Robin Ingle

  • Damian Rucci

    Thank you very much 🙂 I’ve been looking at your blog as well and I like it, it’s very informative.

  • maelunaeve

    Being an author is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and as encouraging as this post is, the sad truth is that until you make that one big cut, you do need another job to support you. That’s the whole reason I’m getting ready to graduate in May.
    I have hopes to write. It’s nice to see that you’ve made this effort to write, too. I’m sure we both know how hard it can be to break in to the world as writers. It’s especially difficult when you see books like Twilight published, and you’re striving to write something with actual substance.
    Good luck with your endeavors. I’ll surely keep trying with mine:

  • Damian Rucci

    That’s the difficult part, but even as tough as a full-time career as it is to break into, I know inside that I can do it eventually. Many authors with very little skill or prowess have grown to become best-sellers, that essentially opens the market to anyone. Especially with the rise of POD publication.

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