Book News – March 20-26

Hello everyone, so every Sunday I plan on posting a synopsis of news in the literary world. Just little snippets of specific things I find important with a link to the article you may find the full read on. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Austin Ratner

Austin has won the prize of a whopping one-hundred thousand dollas for his debut novel, The Jump Artist. read more

His website

A huge congratulations for the award and his debut novel!

From Self-pub to Major Deal

Amanda Hocking

Some of you folks have already heard of Amanda Hocking, the young author who began to write romance and vampire stories and flooding the Amazon market with these thrilling tales. After one year of going through the Self-pub process her novel “Switched” sat at number 41 onUsa Today’s Top selling book list. Hocking sought self publication after countless rejections from literary agents.

However now, St. Martin Press has confirmed the sale of her new manuscript which aims to be released by 2012. Now two publishing houses are bidding on the tale with prices hitting well in the seven figures. A big congratulations to Amanda Hocking. Her blog is here.

Google books get’s turned down  

Google has been attempting to digitalize books since the inception of the company as a way to organize the worlds information. Their newest attempt was a $125 million dollar deal with authors and publishing groups to digitalize books without copyright permission. As you would assume, the Author’s Guild as well as multiple groups were in a fury and the attempt was brought to court. A manhattan judge ruled it down, claiming it would give Google an unfair advantage over other companies; but that doesn’t mean Google books is quite done yet.

Usa & Publishers Weekly Best selling lists are now out! 

Publishers Weekly

Usa Today

Charlie Sheen not Hitting the book market yet (thank God)

From the ABC interview; Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen the former Two and a half men star has started a flurry of rumors over a possible book deal. His old self published book of poetry was bidding for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. Sheen made the remark that he could get $10 million dollars if he wrote a book. However, his rep has denied that they have consulted any agents or are looking forward to publishing a book.

Alright that’s all I have for this Sunday. Thank you all for reading! Remember to subscribe, comment and share 🙂

Thank you


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