It’s All in the Voice Baby

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So it’s all about the voice, no not your actual voice but your literary voice. Having a great story is only half of the battle, being able to convey your story to readers in an entertaining style is an amazing thing.

For instance, do you remember that history teacher you had in Sophomore year? Yep, that’s the one. The one who would drone on about the Revolutionary War and The Battle of York Town. He would read each word straight from the text book with no pause, or eye contact. Ouch. Now wouldn’t it be cool if he would have added some enthusiasm to his lessons? Maybe move around the room, draw you into the history as an entertaining tale?

Developing your own personal style, and using it to distance yourself from the crowd may be a monumental factor in your writing. Maybe you want to write slyly, sarcastically or even use over the top imagery. The choice is yours.

So what’s your voice?


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