Eighth Harry Potter book revealed!

This morning J.K. Rowling has stated that the eight book in the Harry Potter series


will be released as early as July 14th, 2011. The novels title is currently unrealeased, however, Rowling has stated that it may reflect something of a darker merit. The seven book chronicles of the young wizard have taken a different turn as Harry Potter, the chosen one, now works as an auror for the ministry and his three children are attending a now rebuilt Hogwarts.

The series that spawned major motion pictures which have drawn in over $5 billion dollars in revenue, now are looking to release the novel rather suddenly. Rowling’s agent believes that by doing so a more exclusive release shall be held in London, New York and Paris exclusively; a larger booktour may follow as the second-part of the Deathly Hallows movie is released.

Not much is known of the contents of the novel, but that many fan favorites shall return in their full glory, while a new antagnoist shall take the dark roll. The author made it known that this will be the final novel in the series, and the book leaves little room for sequel.

I wonder what are we going to see? Will we see a new darklord threaten the three children in Hogwarts? Or are we going to follow the paths of Harry Potter as an auror working for the ministry? All I know is that I’m excited πŸ˜€

Harry Potter

APRIL FOOOOLS! Did I get you?


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