“O Yeah, I saw a trailer for it”

Traditional promotional material for a novel mainly are advertisements, bookmarks, handouts, and other paper material still relatively old school in this world of change we live in. I feel that media is often overlooked by many new and old writers alike and when it is harnessed it isn’t utilized to the best of it’s abilities.

The prime media outlet I want to look at today is video trailers. We see trailers used for movies and television shows primarily. Whenever I see most book trailers I see a Windows Movie Maker slide transition with a picture of the cover and some text. However, of course some gems do stand out from the crowd, like:

(Might Hammer Down by David J. Guyton. Get it here )


See how powerful the trailer was? It makes you feel like you’re watching a movie not some text on a powerpoint presentation.

Another great trailer I’ve found is not nececarily for a book but for the launch of an author’s website (Terry Goodkind) is once again breathtaking.

And here’s a website for other book trailers.

So here’s the question for today. Do you find most author’s book trailers appealing? Have you ever purchased a book due to it’s trailer?



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3 responses to ““O Yeah, I saw a trailer for it”

  • Maeve

    I first fell in love with Terry Goodkind when I was 14. Throughout high school, his books were just coming out, and as I graduated, the last book, “Confessor,” was published. His series is particularly special to me for this reason – it practically carried me through high school.

    I’m not partial to the preview for one reason: the mention of the TV show. I watched both seasons without joy; it was like a train-wreck. I just couldn’t look away. I’ve heard many opinions concerning the interpretation and artistic license of the directors of the show. Some (like myself) think it’s horrible. Others find the changes refreshing. Now that I’m thinking of it again, I feel as though I could write tons. So check my page for that post; it’d be far too long for a comment, trust me. lol

  • Damian Rucci

    I actually haven’t had the pleasure of reading many of his novels, I’ll have to go and check them out. I just signed on so I’ll go check out your blog posts! 🙂

  • Maeve

    Based on your interest in the sci-fi/fantasy genre (I’m assuming this because you submitted to Absent Willow Review), you would LOVE Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. There are eleven books in the series, and they’re all pretty huge (like 700+ pages). A good series for summer, I think!

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