A week into Blogging

Hello all,

Today’s post is just a step into myself as a writer behind this new blog and the aspirations I have for myself and The Gray Pen. This blog has been a project of mine for several years but I have just recently put it online. I’ve always wanted to keep an online journal for writing, networking with other people and to spread the word on valuable knowledge I learn along the way.

Eventually, I hope to learn as much I can about the craft of writing and spread it on to other writers. I’ve been calling myself a writer since I was five years old, and if I knew the world before then I might’ve used it still. Stories come into my mind consistently so it would be a waste of me to let them fade out; my own personal statement as to why I write. I love the feeling of crafting a story and passing it to others to read.

My short story “Cycles” will be published on June 16th in the Absent Willow Review. This in itself is a major step for me as a writer. I have also started a web-series of short stories with my first in the mystery/suspense genre; Unlucky 7s. Give it a read! Next Wednesday the sequel will be going online on the blog, and the following Wednesday a story after that 🙂 I currently don’t have a title for the series but I am having a artist friend of mine draw me some art. Eventually, I would like to publish an e-book with all the stories enclosed plus a few extra!

I have tons of other short fiction being worked on that I will be sending to markets and anthologies. This along with poetry is my primary ambition as of now; novels are something that I believe will happen sooner than later though. I have many ideas for novels and brainstorming jotted down in many notebooks and spare papers.

Over the last week I’ve met many great people on Twitter and the blog. For one week, The Gray Pen sure has a talkative crowd, and at 1400 views! If you see the Youtube button don’t click it just yet haha, however, a youtube channel for narrated poetry, stories and book news will be up in no time!

I’m purchasing the domain ‘The Gray Pen’ sometime this week so keep an eye out for that 😉

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2 responses to “A week into Blogging

  • ringle

    Damian, your blog is really shaping up! And it looks like you’ve got a lot of material — short stories and what-not — to post on here. For your series, you might want to make contact with a group on Twitter that does something called #TuesdaySerial — check out tuesdayserial.com. I don’t have any connection to it (because I don’t have a series to contribute) but it looks like a good way to get even more exposure. They just link to your story; they don’t republish it. Thought you might want to check it out.
    Keep on writing!
    Robin Ingle
    Twitter: @ringle14
    Blog: http://www.SubsequentChapters.wordpress.com

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