Poem #2 – To Nana’s House

Here’s my second Napowrimo poem. I posted my first yesterday, “My Letter”. Check that out if you have a chance, well here’s to day 2 (in reality day 4 lol).

There’s a place I found long ago,

Where the winds were still and seldom would blow,

Yet through the quiet air there stood a place;

caught in trance through time and space.

We found the place, which we called our home

As we skipped across each and every skipping stone.

Summers came and winters went

As memories came as if the hours were spent,

And atop the floors we learned such things

To write, to love and somehow to sing;

About such times where one day we’ll see

that the past was so bright once you overcome the trees.

Times came dark, and time came frail

As quiet as the days left stale

And here I know I found the truth

Toys like words etched along my youth.

Age comes soon yet consumes so quick

The past is a poison slippery yet thick

And we watch it as it slips from our fingers

We find we just wish some moments would linger.

And innocence we leave so far behind

Like Caulfield in the rye eager to find

A way to hold onto those silly days

when the future, past and present choose to play.

As times grow strange there’s a place to go

Where time stands still and seldom goes

Without a word now left to say

To nana’s house, we’re on our way.

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About Damian Rucci

D.F. Rucci is a writer, blogger, and a musician from a small town in New Jersey. View all posts by Damian Rucci

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