Why Ebooks won’t kill the Writing Stars

Creativity is an object of desire which cultivates due to the easier techonological mediums of the day. In 1440 we saw Johannes Gutenberg create the first printing press under the Holy Roman Empire. Several hundred years later we see the rise of the trade-paper back, and when the late 1990s came whizzing by we first were faced with the rise of the E-book. Now over ten years later we have E-readers, and E-book sales are growing in proportion with each month.

Will paper prints die?

Not for the next thirty or so years. As long as the babyboomers are still alive and well they will continue to buy paperbooks. Some people love the feel of paper in between their fingers, and the smell of a new paperback is amazing. I for one, have a Nook and I do read novels on there, but I also have tons of books off on my shelves.

We can compare the books industry to music; with the rise of 99-cent downloads (much like 99-cent ebooks on Amazon) in the mid 2000s we also see CDs still present in stores. Even with the pirate epidemic we still see CDs and even Vinyls still be sold to the market who will purchase them. The fact that a percentage of the market still purchases books/cds which keeps the drive available.

However, even if the babyboomers adopt the technology and harness it (which would devastate the print markets) being a writer will still be achievable. With the mass closures of Borders across the United States, we may see a new era of smaller pulbishing houses. With the explosion of POD and self publishing services maybe the next step for mainstream authors will be the DIY methods. All I know for certain is that writing as a career is not dead, and the book is not dead. We are just experiencing a change in mediums in which to tell our stories.  

Well that’s my little spheal for the day. Going to be posting a new poem tonight for Napowrimo keep an eye out for that 🙂


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