Keeping Productive

Woo it has been a long week but not without any results! I have been busy writing, working and otherwise just trying to keep sane before the summer roles around. Three

Random Picture to make it looks nice

days ago I submitted a new story, “Vampyre” to 365 Tomorrows and should be hearing back from them in a month or so. Last month I subbed two pieces to Everyday Fiction and their response should be coming along sometime in mid-April (I hope).

I’m currently penning a sequel to Unlucky 7s. I plan on including a complete series with its own page on the blog and pictures and eventually a title for the collection. I’ll post the story, Bullet From a Grave Stone sometime over the weekend for all of you lovely folks who were interested in the previous story. Several more stories are being tossed around my desk and I’ll be subsequently submitting them throughout April. Phew. Oh and I’ll be sharing another story online (besides the detective series) sometime around Easter time as a little gift for my readers.

Last night, I launched my first video on Youtube narrating the poem I posted yesterday, “Lost Your Way” poem|video. I’ll be continuing to be posting a new poem throughout April and if I recieve enough feedback, comments and views I may continue to post new poems on the regular (though not everyday of course). And of course a new poem will be online later tonight, so keep an eye on that 😉

For all those who like the more technical scribblings of the blog I will have my first book review online tomorrow and an interview online sometime in June with a newly publisher author (more info later). Of course, more new posts about writing and books news will be up throughout the week.

And a little note, I’m beginning a side-project of novelizing (if that’s a word) fan fiction. I’m planning on making a three-part fan fiction for the Dragon Ball Z series. This will be done in spare time and not worked on regularly, I’ve included a promo poster for the series down below.

A promotional poster I made for the series

Well everyone, I hope you are enjoying reading this blog as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Have a nice day, 🙂

D.F. Rucci


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