Crunching Deadlines

The last several weeks have been difficult to confine down into appriate times to write. I am enrolled in the Storyaday Warmup writing course, and 101 ways to Write a Short Story, as well as my prior engagements in school. Nevertheless, I keep on trying to write more and more of my stories, and though I’m a week late, the new story will be online tomorrow at 7pm. Its title is, Bullet from a Gravestone

The story will be a linear sequel to Unlucky 7s, and the flash fic, Demons. This story will bring in a new series of mystery/horror stories that I will be able to post weekly. A flash fiction project of mine will be online in the next couple of weeks as well. Catch up on the story by reading through some of my stories under the Fiction category.

Alright readers have a nice day,


p.s. The poem for today #10 will be online tonight around 10ish. So if you any of you are inclined to read it in the morning subscribe via the button over there —> and check your reader or inbox whenever you’re ready to read.


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