Sorrows of the draft

Welp, if you’ve been following this blog over the last week you’ll notice that I mentioned I would post another story in the series. That’s where this post begins, I have gone back and edited the draft time and time again, but I still am not pleased. I have gone back and am now in the process of redrafting the series keeping Vinnie as the protagonist while introducing other worthwhile characters. I’ve been working on a way to launch it properly and effectively so that is why it has been delayed three times now 😛

Each story will be published 7pm on Tuesday every week. That following weekend I will be posting an audio version with full narration and sound effects for everyone. This will be a big project and I am doing my best to make it amazing. Tomorrow I will publish the sequel to Unlucky 7s, it is called Bullet from a Gravestone, and it will be a three part story. So that means that two stories will be up this week! Also tomorrow, I will shed more light on the series and will launch its own page on The Gray Pen.

Here’s where it all started, give it a read 🙂

 Unlucky 7s



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