Murders and the City – A New Series

Well if you’ve been  following the blog you know that I have been busy working on structuring

Photo by Megan Reigle

a new series of short stories. This new series will be called The Murders and the City. This series will follow Detective Vincent Gambini and his squad of detectives in NYPD’s homicide. Along the way, they will confront the sinisters of criminal life and the dark. Every Tuesday I will be posting a new story in the series, and a new podcast for your listening pleasure. These pod casts will be narration with sound effects, a musical score and sweet effects to make it a pure experience. Each story will be available on the blog or via .pdf file to carry around, and each narration will be available on the internet, and .mp3 files.

This series will be a mix of suspense, mystery and horror, and a different sort of experience. Well this is just a heads-up for everyone who may be looking for something to read.

Alright everyone, keep an eye open on Tuesday. Or subscribe to the blog with the button to the right ->

and stay connected.

Thanks everyone!


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