Times are a changin’ Is it time to Wave Goodbye?

” Times are a changin” Sang Bob Dylan as he mouthed a captivating song to a

photo © The lovely Megan Reigle http://www.flickr.com/photos/meganreigle/

changing generation; and he was right. Times change and common systems we love change as well and then we find ourselves at a forked road; do we embrace the new change and follow it through to see what else may happen, or do we cling on to the old and forsake the new ways?

The literary world has seen startling changes in the way we share our work. The old world methods of paper manuscript sent via snail mail to slush-piles and stamps and other manual things are ways of a distancing past. With the rise of the internet we find ourselves doing our business through E-mails and online forms, and we are wearying away from paper and ink, for electronic formats are for more beneficial both economical and time-wise. Will the next generation even remember what paper feels like?

This change is not without any good merit. It is in fact more time effective and cost effective and probably many other words that end in effective as well. This recent decade of the ’10 -’20, I think the literary world will see another massive transformation. The first decade of the new millennium we saw the rise of the E-book, the E-reader, smart phones which display books and all different sorts of mediums in which to share our lovely tales. Many authors have used these devices to acquire fame and fortune. What will the next ten years bring us? A year or two ago we saw the rise of the 99 cent E-book, which is the cheapest price a book may be set at on many websites. Hundreds of authors have utilized this price mechanic to sell quantity instead of worrying about price.

Serial fiction on the web has been toiled with by many authors but there are very few success stories. That is what is holding me back from releasing Murders and the City. Though it is a short story series and not a serialized novel, the same cautions must be provided. I want the readers to engage in the story through a variety of mediums and have the story feel like a piece of their lives. At the moment, I’m recording audio narrations on Unlucky 7s and the flash fiction, Demons. Once these are done some artwork will be done for the series and it will go live with a new episode in the series appearing every Tuesday. This new episode will be live via text on this blog, on Youtube in video and audio fragments, and many other pod casting sites in which to connect to more audible readers.

I am going to re-release the first story in a new edited form, and the other episodes will follow suite. August 1st will be the launch of a new serial project but more information on that later ;D

Well readers here is my question for the day,

What do you think this new decade will bring for us as writers, as readers, etc.?

Will it hurt or help us tell our stories?


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2 responses to “Times are a changin’ Is it time to Wave Goodbye?

  • Maeve

    The age of self-publishing is coming. It’s always been an option, but it’s becoming more popular than ever. From 2008 to 2009, the number of self-published books tripled, while books published by companies stayed relatively the same.
    This can only help writers. It’s difficult to get published by some company that judges you. This way, you are you’re own entity.

  • Damian Rucci

    I like the idea of self-publishing. The only problem is the stigma with the rest of the literary world. People currently see it as a last chance for would be writers. I find it much like the indie-music scene with plenty of amazing material and.. tons of crap too, but that’s self-publishing for ya.

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