Frying the Cliche’

Can you smell it in the air? The breath of a fresh (not new!) cliche which is being weaved between the words of your favorite novels? A cliche is an unoriginal thought that is mostly known as the sign of a weak writer. We’ve all all been vicitms of cliche’d thoughts; whether good or bad that have made their ways into our minds. I sure know I have, some characters appear to be typical stereotypes, while others are advanced original chracters solid in their own will.

Using cliches as an advantage? Some writers use the typical cliche of a sort of character to their advantage and build upon the stereotypes and idioisms that the role provide.

My new series Murders and the City which will premier over the next couple of months has a cliche detective take a not so cliche sroll though reality. Unlucky 7s  is being rewritten as we talk; it was sort of a demo, and I will keep it online until I release the new series. The detective (working name) is a rogue cop who is lost in a world of mindless crime. He is tormented with repressed memories, a struggling marriage, and a drug and alcohol problem. His visions on justice are skewed and torn. His father was a deadbeat who was wacked by the mob, and his mother binge drinker after that. He’s a mental wreck and though some of his habits (alcoholic) are cliche of the mystery scene, this will let me delve deeper into other plot twists and events.

Some cliches are not signs of poor storywriting, but of ways to familiarize the reader with an idea of a perosn who they might know. Everyone has cliches in their everyday life; The Crazy Aunt, The Weird Uncle, The Embarrasing Grandmother, or even The Stupid Ass Friend. Any of these sound familiar?

They should.

Thanks for reading!

Do you ever use cliches in your writing?


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