Happy One Month ;D

I didn't take this, but this is Keyport, the town I live in.

Hello everyone!

One month ago I sat down and put two pots online for the first day of the blog. Welcome to the Gray Pen and Get a Real Job. I made this blog some time ago as an outlet with my writing but I never had the dedication to keep going. Writing was always a long time hobby and career path (hopefully) of mine but teenage life always seemed to get in the way.

A month and a half ago I recieved my first acceptance letter for my short story “Cycles” (June 16th Absent Willow Review) and then I began to plan the blog. I launched The Gray Pen on March 26th and have been trucking ever since! This has been immense fun and I have no plan on quitting. In as short as a month The Gray Pen has recieved almost 3000 views, over 100 comments, and a dedicated group of subscribers via email and Feedburner feed.

This post is meant to thank everyone for reading the blog and joining the discussion, or commenting on my work. This has meant the world to me and I will be emailing all of you who have commented a personal thanks.

Today I will post another poem around 830pm Est, and tomorrow I will be posting a whopping 10! I know! Ten poems really? Yes I will be summing up Poem a Day April (National Poetry Writing Month) with a grand finale of unreleased poems. May 1st starts Story A Day May which I will be whole heartedly participating in.  I won’t be posting a new story a day (some I will be choosing to publish) however, I will be posting a new story a week along with the new Murders and the City series.

Well readers, here’s to 1 month in and a forever to go ;D

Thanks again,



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