Poem #18 – Burning Blue Skies

Today is the last day of National Poetry Writing Month :O I’m going to try and catch up, here’s number 18. The rest will come through the day so enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

We liked to hang around

orange-red fires,

smoking silly things

and sitting on old tires.

Talking about the future

or so we believed,

our minds were wondering

through pale diamond seas.

The water splashed over the sparkling sand

and we smiled at the longing rocks,

sneaking from my backyard

in nothing but our socks.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings,

perhaps a cotton bed of lies

but we’ll keep sitting on the beach

burning blue skies.


About Damian Rucci

D.F. Rucci is a writer, blogger, and a musician from a small town in New Jersey. View all posts by Damian Rucci

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