Story a Day May is here!

National Poetry Writing Month has come to close leaving me in the dust by ten :/


Blah, but oh well I tried, I came, and I conquered. No not really, but I did renew my interest in poetry, but now the new ‘contest for writers abound is here. Story a Day May has begun with an amazing rush of activity from writers of all sorts. I was lucky enough to have taken a workshop course before the month had started.

So I’ll keep this post short and snappy. The point of this month is to write a new short story every single day, so 31 days of May; 31 stories or May. Writers may share these stories on their own blogs, or on the website itself. I will be posting a new short story weekly, each and every Saturday. Though it will not be daily (need to keep some for the slush-piles, know what I mean?)

So here’s to everyone participating, and everyone looking to read some new stories. This month ought to be a lot of fun, and good luck to everyone!

So are you participating?


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