Coming on 200 Years of Frankenstein

I’ve always been intrigued by early Science Fiction. Whether it be a steampunk assumption of what a steam-based future might be or early stories of wild techologies which filled a limited world. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is one of the most powerful novels in the genre (well in my opinion.) The ideas of a creature being created and turn against it’s creator has become a popular mechanic in many author’s minds. Think The Terminator where machines become self-aware and attempt to destroy humanity.

We recently finished the novel in class and it is a great pice of literary work. A gothic theme with romantic overtones that resonate well with the scenery and description. Weather is a core example of setting the mood and swamping the reader with ominous feelings and foreshadowing.

In only seven years Frankenstein will be on this world for over two hundred years. Whether it be inspiring future Sci-fi/horror writers, or scaring those who fear the boogeyman under their beds, this novel has found its place in the culture of the world. Frankenstein appears in television shows, cartoons, holiday advertisements, music, movies and a plethora of other pieces of art. This I can call true sucess. Mary Shelly’s novel (originally released without her name on the cover) has been alive for two hundred years, and will outlive us all.

In another semi-related note, one of my Story-a-Day stories is a retelling of Frankenstein in the modern era. I should be posting it sometime next weekend. 😀

Do you believe Frankenstein lives up to the hype?


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3 responses to “Coming on 200 Years of Frankenstein

  • mapelba

    Is it hype if it so many writers, artists, film makers, musicians revisit the story? I don’t know how she did it, but Shelley struck a deep nerve when she imagine Frankenstein and his monster. Amazing and brilliant. So few, so very few, writers manage it.

  • mbwilliams

    I am so with you on the early sci-fi! As time has moved on such stories should have been left behind but somehow they continue to resonate in our culture. By showing us a future that never came to be they somehow help to shape the future. I enjoyed reading this thanks!

  • Damian Rucci

    I never realized how amazing the novel was until we read it in my senior English class. I agree with both of you, Frankenstein is truly an amazing piece of literature which revolutionized (perhaps cohersed into existence) many literary genres.

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