No Rejections Stopping Me!

Hello readers!

How are you all doing on this spring day?

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I haven’t posted in well over a week, and if you’re following me on Twitter you’ll know why (death in the family), but alas I am back with some new ‘news’. I was blessed by having my first short-story every submitted published on the spot (practically) by Absent Willow Review(June 16th :)), but the other three shorter-pieces I had submitted were rejected by two different prints. This didn’t smother my enthusiasm or break my optimism, but gave me a some guidance on the way to becoming a successful writer. Rejections are part of life in relationships, careers, and everyday speach so learning from them rather than letting them debilitate you is a powerful step forwards.

The first rejection I recieved was form. It simply stated that my short-story just didn’t quite fit with the rest of the publication(blah blah blah). Form rejections are almost as impersonal as not responding at all, but of course, not all publications can afford the amount of time of responding to each and every short-story personally with upmost attention. That’s the sad reality of our craft, but us as writers must understand this and not grow weary from the lack of affection.

The last two rejections were what made my day. These responses were far beyond anything I would have dreamed of. The advise and critique from each of the responders were amazing and done with the upmost respect, care and concern. I have never been so pleased as to this. Yes, I know rejections suck but these were a kick in the ass for my writing. Now I know to strive harder and delve deeper into my work. One of the letters suggested I try a micro-fiction market for one of the stories, and after refinement to try again.

Well guys,

How do you feel about rejection letters? Are they helpful or harmful? Drop a comment below with your answer.

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3 responses to “No Rejections Stopping Me!

  • Billie Jo Woods

    Congratulations on your success in getting a piece published. Again I am sorry to hear about your Pop-Pop. I have not got to the rejection letter stage yet but I think if constructive critism is added to the letter than perhaps I would take it better at least knowing the things that they were looking for and how to improve upon what I had written.

  • Damian Rucci

    Thank you very much, means a lot. I agree, the fact that constructive criticism was applied was definitely a good omen. I actually got a smile or two out of reading the rejections 🙂

  • geezergirl1

    First… Kudos to you for your success. Where can I go and read it?
    And as for rejection… an opportunity to get use to it cause that’s what happens in our craft and …

    when you get a rejection with a constructive comment, YAWho.
    That means they took you seriously and cared enough to encourage by giving you feedback. and…

    It’s one editors opinion.

    No Stopping you Damian. You are great writer.
    Peace out..

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