Get Your Mind from the drawing board to the sketch

My mind is a cluster of raging ideas, worries, theories and everything else that can stray one’s brain. I have never actually met writer’s block. Instead, I just spend too much of my free-time day dreaming of new story ideas, plot developments and character information, that I wonder away from the actual craft. If storytelling is an art, than writing is its older brother. Our narration dictates the storytelling that swims in our minds and deciphers it into a comprehensible language and structure for our readers to enjoy.

I will plan a story so intensely for weeks without every placing words on the page, that I grow frustrated with myself, and the story. There are good points though. I shape stories precisely before they reach the page, and this gives me the ability to construct strong concepts and lifelike characters. One of my stories which I mentioned a week or so ago was Murders and the City. This was going to be a serial novel that highlighted the actions of a N.Y.P.D. detective that suffered with drugs and a tormented past. Though this story intrigued me, I developed it into a more horror-atmosphere and have completely alienated the story from its past self. This will someday be a novel, but I’m months away from an actual outline.

Now a big challenge for me starting today will be to focus on the writing aspect. Every night I will make time to write. Whether it be a pre-formulated piece or a spur of the moment prose, I will make sure that every night will conclude with several pages of fiction laying about in my laptop or notebook. Life is a learning experience, and I of course, am a mere student.

So everyone, do you plan your stories out beforehand, or do you let your words flow spontaneuously?

Leave a comment below with your answer 🙂


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One response to “Get Your Mind from the drawing board to the sketch

  • geezergirl1

    Since i tend to write ‘free fall’ poetry, I don’t plan a dang thing.
    I let it happen in the moment.
    When writing, short stories, I have a plan rolling around in me for days. Like you, formulating it’s possibilities, and the what and why of it. Then.. if I haven’t over processed the darn thing I sit and let it roll.
    Novels… I have 3 first drafts sitting inches away from this comment/ post where they will sit … forever..

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