Top Five Movies on Writers

Today is Memorial Day, a bittersweet holiday where we as Americans take time to remember those who have been lost fighting in wars. Seeing as our recent several wars have occurred in the last decade, this day holds a twang of pain and heartache from a broken nation. I’m sure most of you (who live in the U.S.) will be grilling some burgers, or sipping some beers around the fire, so I’ll be keeping today’s post short and sweet.

I’m a writer, so movies on writers intrigue me, and entertain me beyond all else. Here’s a simple list of my top five.

5.                                                                          Misery

Misery follows the tale of an obsessed fan finding her beloved author and making him her plaything. The movie is based on a novel by Stephen King.


4.                                                                             Kalifornia

I discovered this one on Netflix during one of my late-night browsings. Kalifornia follows a small time writer who acquires a book deal by working on a column for a newspaper. His column focused on serial-killers, and he brings his girlfriend and two new companions on a journey to document the mind of the murderer. However, the truth is closer than he thinks.


3.                                                                           1408

1408 is another masterpiece (this time a short-story) by the master of horror Stephen King. 1408 features an author Mike Enslin who writes reviews on horror locations. However, what he discovers in room 1408 is far more real than he had ever assumed.


2.                                                                          The ShiningWoo, Stephen King meets the list three times! The Shining is almost considered a metaphorical autobiographical story by the King. The author, an alcoholic father and struggling husband purchases the hotel and attempts to write a new novel. However, the house possesses mysterious powers that trigger the worst in all.

1.                                                                       CalifornicationThough not a movie, Californication is a controversial mess of a show which follows a recently published author with the escapades of rock star life. His bestselling novel, God Hates us All, was transformed into a shit-ball of a movie A crazy Little Thing Called Love. Whether it’s drinking until he passes out, or having sex with hordes of women; author Hank Moody lives in a rockstar that all of us envy, and few of us reach.



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