I’m Alive- Back to the Drawingboard & 3 more days!!

Woo. Well hello world I am alive and well, and now that school is drawing to a close within three days I will be taking this literary game by storm. The past couple weeks haven’t been done without merit; prom, a weekend away at the shore, and a plethora of missing homework that finally has found a home! I’m back to The Gray Pen and talking to all of you lovely people out there, both readers and writers.

I graduate from high school on Wednesday the 15th, but that is not the big deal; my first short story “Cycles” will appear in the Absent Willow Review the following day! “Cycles” is a horror tale based in The Great Apple and focusing on the urban life of a vampire. I’ll be posting a snippet on the blog with a link to the website for all to read. While I’ve been away I’ve been honing the plots on a group of stories that will be sent out shortly.

Tonight I’ll be posting a new poem, and though I won’t be posting poetry daily like I was back in Napowrimo, I’ll be sharing one or two a week.

From prom 🙂

Well this is my return from my little vacation; can’t wait to speak to all of you again!


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