My First Short Story has been published!

My first short story “Cycles” has been published today in The Absent Willow Review; a free online horror magazine. Cycles is a tale of a true-to-life vampire lost in New York City. Here’s a sampler and then you can click the link to give the story a read 🙂


The chair was cold against my skin, I couldn’t tell if it was wood or metal but it didn’t really matter. What mattered were the ropes binding my wrists and ankles to the damned thing and the gag in my mouth.  I couldn’t remember what had happened or where I was, my head ached though and I could feel a knot bulging out near my temple. Where was I? It was dark, so dark that I couldn’t even tell if my eyes were open or closed, not that it made a difference at all. Was I robbed? I tried to struggle in the chair to see if my wallet was in my pocket but I couldn’t tell. I was tied too tight to the chair.

The gag felt like some sort of cloth; my tongue flicked against it and immediately shrank away from the metallic taste of blood stained into the gag. I choked on its strength and tried to lurch forward but I couldn’t. Who did this to me I didn’t know, but more importantly I didn’t know what they wanted. Were they coming back? Were they even here? I couldn’t tell, but I felt the room shake, I assumed that was a nice side effect from the swelling bump on my head; probably a small concussion. I continued to gag on the blood in my mouth; if the person who had me bound here didn’t come back for me I was going to choke and suffocate on the cloth gag.

Read the rest here

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