Published, now what?

Well I hit one of my earliest milestones in my writing career and that is to be published. My short story “Cycles” has been published in The Absent Willow Review. The lovely people over there also managed to pair the story with a horrific painting of a vampire which is awesome! After publication I spotted some spelling errors, but hey even Harry Potter has mistakes.

I want to branch out more. The week hiatus I took as I dealt with school issues seemed to disrupt the amount of page views I was receiving, but I will keep posting to the end! As I write this, I have a half dozen short stories in various stages of completion; all eager to seek some sort of recognition. I’ll be doing another mad dash at magazines to try and pair some of my stories with homes. Over a month ago I mentioned a serial fiction series and that has not been abandoned. Sometime early August I will be putting that through full force, but I’ll keep u guys up to the minute on it on my twitter @damianrucci.

I’ve been inspired by some authors that I’ve met on twitter like Michelle Franklin, who’s new e-book, Tales from Frewyn is receiving awesome reviews (and I will be reviewing it sometime this week once Amazon recognizes my kindle reader on my mac!). These inspirations have driven me to start planning an e-book that I hope to launch in mid-July. This book would contain some horror shorts, poetry, and two novellas I have lying around.

Well just checking in for today, does anyone know how to register the kindle reader for mac?



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