Duotrope is my Best Friend

Well I would hope that some of you writers and poets out there have at one point in the last couple of years stumbled upon Duotrope. Duotrope is a free writing resource available to anyone with an internet connection. Imagine Google specially designed to look for magazines, websites, and other mediums in which to publish your work. Right now I’m working on a handful of stories and this tool is helping me down the right path. From the interface I can specify a genre, a style, a pay scale, and can even look at zines that accept reprinted work or simultaneous submissions.

My first short story “Cycles” was queryed using Duotrope and it led to me finding a market like Absent Willow Review, thus leading me to publication. I have a poem I’ll be subbing with this bad boy and I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Anyone use Duotrope before?



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