I Think, therefore I blog.

Well I stumbled upon an interesting blog, I Think Therefore I blog, and it inspired the title of this post. I’ve been a member of the blogosphere (as this world of blogs is so commonly referred) since sometime around summer of 2008. Of course, writing has always enticed me (fiction that is), and I never seemed to bat an eye at non-fiction when I was younger; it was boring, it was dry and it was too full of opinion for my young mind to take hold. As I grew older I grew closer to the art of non-fiction works and that is where I find blogging so appealing. On the Internet, anyone can voice their opinion, their work and anything they wish to share with the entire world. Isn’t that amazing?

Essentially, this big cyber world of blogs is not an electric book or collection of pages. Instead, it is a series of open conversations allowing Joe the Mailman to blog about his day to day run-ins with the neighbor’s dogs; Jessica, the teacher’s pet to link to his post and Justin, a game designer, to comment on both and the three to engage.


I think writers engage this universal exchange of ideas in a different light; each of us toying with our own ideas of promotion, social involvement, entertainment and gathering an audience. This blog, The Gray Pen, is a virtual journal of my journey to literary success. I’ve had my first short story published “Cycles” , and of course, now I’m looking to spread more of my work. This little piece of the blogosphere is my white light in an ocean of others.

What do you think of blogging? Is it the inherent sequel of news and other text implications?

Would love to hear your opinions 🙂

D.F. Rucci


About Damian Rucci

D.F. Rucci is a writer, blogger, and a musician from a small town in New Jersey. View all posts by Damian Rucci

One response to “I Think, therefore I blog.

  • marta

    Oh, what do I think of blogging. It is great writing practice and a way to connect with other writers. It is a maddening way to way too. I struggle to figure out something worthwhile to say that isn’t all whining and ego. I was skeptical about blogging until I gave it a try. Starting in May 2007, it is tricky keeping up motivation and ideas.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should blog less and write fiction more. Does blogging help or take away? The answer to that changes over time.

    You seem to use blogging the explore and to express. Good things.

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