New Inspiration

So I’m today I’m taking a break from The Harry Potter Effect which you can find the last article post here. The next article in the series will be up by tomorrow 5pm Eastern time on parallels between the Wizarding World and the world of our own.


The novel has always been an aspiration of mine, but I was almost afraid of it. I find myself penning short-stories and other shorter works because they are in my comfort zone. Sure, I have tons of prewriting and other planning for longer works, but when it comes down to it, I pull my punches. Why? Maybe I was scared. I once had a plan of how I was going to break into the writing world: I would write tons of short works and sell them to magazines, until I built the courage and audience to try a novel. I have learned that plans are merely guidelines and are meant to be broken.

I’ve been playing with an idea in my head for a while now involving a detective. Originally, it was to be a normal detective saga as told in Unlucky Sevens, but I have changed the formula to one of paranormal proportions. This will be a novel, and I am busy writing and researching everything I possibly can on the subjects involved. I’ll keep all you lovely people posted.


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One response to “New Inspiration

  • marta

    Writing a novel is such a commitment! You don’t need to rush into it or feel pressure to write if your’e not ready. (Sounds like relationship advice–a novel is a kind of relationship after all.)

    Everything you’ve written leads me to take you very seriously in your goals. If you want to write a novel, you will. Come around to it when you can.

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