35 Days: Nanowrimo is Coming

Nanowrimo- National Novel Writing Month. Starting November 1 and ending November 30th. Writers from around the world dedicate the month to beginning and completing an entire novel.

Hello blog friends and readers, yesterday I registered on Nanowrimo and drafted a 150 word summary for my planned novel. Last year, I hoped to join this awesome contest, but I got lazy and didn’t write a fucking word. This year, I’m ready to trek through a perilous journey of 50,000 words in a mere 30 days. I’ve vouched that I can write 1.5-2k words daily,which would allow me several days of break time during the rough stretches of the month.I make one promise: to draft the sloppiest novel the heavens have ever laid eyes upon. Are you ready????


At this stage in prewriting, the novel will be a psychological horror/thriller with subtle yet powerful themes. As per the rules, I have just begun to pre-write and design characters, yet won’t touch the prose until November 1st.


Heres my summary:


A man sits in death row convicted of many crimes except for one: the abduction of a young boy almost twenty years now gone.  The only man who can solve this crime is a troubled man, Mark Seele, who discovers death is not the end, but sometimes it is only the beginning. Mark must confront the sins of his own past, in order to find the boy who haunts his dreams and chases him in the After. Sometimes however, the sins of our past are far more destructive than we can ever imagine and the secrets between the lines are just as shocking.


On aside yet slightly related note, a writer buddy of mine from the twitter-verse Mark Lidstone is planning his own 3 Day Novel contest. Check it out and give his other work a read as well.


So who else is participating in Nano this year?


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4 responses to “35 Days: Nanowrimo is Coming

  • Billie Jo Woods

    I signed up for NaNoWriMo this weekend too. I have never participated in it before and even though I have written a few novels now (all yet to be published) I like the challenge. I have been outlining for it but will try to get a more detailed outline ready before the 1st of Nov. so I start out in a good place.

    Good luck to you!

  • dwritewords

    5 months to NANO-I have participated for the past 6 years. Completed all but two. How did you do this year? This year was one of my failures.

  • Damian Rucci

    Regretfully last year I fell behind. This upcoming November though I’m pumped and going to try and finish it 🙂

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