Soundtracks of our Lives

I think it’s a disappointment that life doesn’t feature a built in soundtrack. Especially, for those epic moments or sorrowful nights. Music which would spawn on que from nothingness and remedy our situations, or perhaps inspire us to specific trails.Luckily, I find fiction to be a suseptable to such a depressing rule. Does music or background noise improve fiction (or story ideas) or does it mame it?


Whenever I write, I find it easier to hide from the outside world. I plug in my headphones and blast whichever music would fit in the specific situation I write in. Of course, in a happy scene I would listen to some 3eB or maybe some other 90s Alternative, but during the nitty gritty frightening scenes some Adema, Marilyn Manson, or even some Type o’ Negative. I find that with music stimulating my mind, I may express the feelings of the scene with a tighter grasp and guide it in a more emotional depth, than I would have in absolute silence. Music moves me.

So my question for you is do you write with music, silence, or background noise? Leave a comment below on what your preference is. I’d love to strike up a conversation with other writers on the subject.


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2 responses to “Soundtracks of our Lives

  • marta

    It depends on what I’m writing. I’ve got different Pandora stations I listen to. Sometimes I need Massive Attack and David Lynch. Other times music from my teen years…

    I rarely write in silence. Either there is music, a video, or cafe noises. And when I say video, I mean sometimes I play a movie I know inside and out so it is background noise and I don’t watch it–but the feel of the story motivates me.

    I don’t think music hurts writing at all unless the music is bothering you. It can distract me if I’m at a cafe and I don’t like the music playing. Otherwise it helps me focus and stay awake.

    • Damian Rucci

      I feel the same. Sometimes I’m in the mood to write in a public area just to absorb some of that outside noise. I used to write in total silence, but I either end up scaring myself or I just get too tired.

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