Writing for the Commercial Cause

Being back on the wagon (writing wagon that is) is as fun and exciting as ever seeing as I’m working on some non-fiction work for a collection I’ve been working on read more here and have been plucking away at various poetry and even a bit of fiction. This new surge of creativity is helping me keep sane with the onslaught of college work and mundane Jersey life that comes with winter time, but I have taken a step towards a new journey. I consider myself a creative writer, but right now this creativity is not paying the bills (yet!!), but I have discovered something that with loads of effort and luck might just do that:  FREELANCE WRITING!

Yes I know, some of you may scoff at this idea, much like eighty percent of people look down at the premise of writing as a career, but there are quite a few people who make a modest living from writing. Of course I want to be a novelist, but while I work on this lengthy projects I might as well keep my eyes peeled for some writing jobs, perhaps grant myself a platform and some income.

I’ve been granted the first opportunity today for a small token payment, but money is money, and in this dwindling economy everything counts.

Has anyone else attempted to enter the freelance writing field? Any success? Would love to hear from some people about this.


And as an aside, I will be attending the AWP Conference in Chicago on February 29th is anyone else showing up?




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