Creativity and Institution

In New Jersey it is an incredible 70 degrees outside and the sun is high in the sky painting a truly brilliant day across the Eastern shore. I was outside on campus at Brookdale Community College and I was thinking of my future and what a life of creativity holds. I don’t want a job. I don’t want a long career or to climb some corporate ladder; I just want to write, play music, and appreciate and discover the secrets of the world. Well it sounds like a great dream huh?


According to the faculty at the school in order to become a great writer you must have an MFA and you must study under someone worth something in some school worth value. Sigh. I don’t know when the writing field became institutionalized, but it makes me wonder the true motives behind some of the best paid creative writers. Are they truly loving the craft of sculpting literary monuments from sentence brick and mortar or are they simply eager to line their pockets with money? I am hoping to earn my Associates and Bachelors degrees in Writing and by the time I earn those I may very well apply for an MFA, but I don’t think that achieving any sort of title defines a person as a more practical and creative individual.

I may be rambling now, but I just want to clench onto a sort of creative life, far from the constraints of our top-down society, but it is hard to succeed as a J.D. Salinger hermit hiding manuscripts in desk cabinets and ducking any inquiries from the world. Maybe through hard work and dedication I can abstain the overwhelming real world my mother keeps telling me about. Maybe I can hide amongst tall volumes of manuscript and dabble with like minded people never having to utter the phrase “I hate my job”. Maybe there is something more to this world then salary, expenses, and commerce and something more hidden deep in our words. And maybe I’ll find it.


So do you think creativity should be sacrificed for marketability?


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D.F. Rucci is a writer, blogger, and a musician from a small town in New Jersey. View all posts by Damian Rucci

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