Ten Things I learned from AWP

Well I am sitting in the middle of the Bankier Library at Brookdale Community College with my eye on my battery icon as I am sure it will soon terminate itself. A friend of mine from AWP posted this on his Tumblr blog and I figured I would piggy-back it and make my own list.

1. Just because the hotel is owned by the Hilton don’t expect free wifi, or breakfast, or anything complimentary.

2. Just because there is a lot of stiffs in suits doesn’t mean the night-lfie is going to be lame. Craziest dance party event I’ve seen in a long while.

3. Chicago is almost like the city New York wishes it was. 5 days I never heard “jerk off”, “asshole”, or “mother fucker”. Surreal.

4. Poets from Trinidad are amazing.

5. “crack whore” is an acceptable term in contemporary poetry.

6. The writing community is waging a crusade against genre writers…

7. Wearing a bird outfit may actually make you appeal to women

8. Hipsters are an interesting species in their natural habitats.

9. Deep dish pizza is a gift of the gods.

10. Writing isn’t just a hobby anymore.

What did you learn from AWP?


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