Indie Genre Zines are on Fire

My view on the E-book has changed immensely over the last several years. Even last year when I wrote Why E-books won’t Kill the Writing Stars, I assumed that the current fad with e-books was one that would coincide with their paper versions and serve very few other purposes. A little while later I wrote another post, The Game has Changedwhich spoke about John Locke and the emergence of self publishing in the current electronic reading phenomenon.

I never imagined the impact e-books and e-readers would have upon the writing community. With the advent of such easily accessible and cost effective literature on hand, the potential for writers to embrace broader markets is full of amazing possibilities. Just recently on my new Kindle Fire, I picked up an indie magazine Abomination and several other smaller e-zines and the quality is amazing. Without the capability of discovering such publication, I would never have been introduced to now some of my favorite authors of short stories.


The possibility for new magazines to flourish in our new e-book age is empowering to all those indie-at-heart writers out there. The next several years will be interesting as to how the market may shift to favor self-publishing/small presses. Let’s see what the time brings.


So what do you think of indie-magazines and the e-book? Think it will supersede the print-book? Think it already has? Leave your comments below!


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