Dreams Scapes

Today I awoke from a dream in complete bewilderment.

From Ebaums World

Now like most lucid dreams I was totally engrossed in all sensory details so as you can tell when I opened my eyes I was a slight mess. But the dream wasn’t like most. It wasn’t some bizarre revelation or a psychological notice. No. Instead what I was involved with was a complete narrative that I had become a character in. The characters were real, I was not Damian, but some other name I can’t recall. The fear was real, the emotion was crippling and this dream felt like it had wound on for days. My dream began in the halls of AWP in the Hilton in Chicago, but that’s where the similarities with the real world ended (well until later).

The point I’m trying to make is that if I can day-dream story ideas and develop plots and stories while I’m ‘awake’, can I create those same ideas while I’m asleep? If you believe in lucid dreaming as a self-powered mental mechanism than can I place my mind into brainstorm mode while I sleep and use my awakened ours to craft and perfect those same ideas? The possibilities are truly endless and by utilizing my sleep cycles as a creative process I can truly delve deeper into my subconscious possibly to discover the darker more sinister sides of my tales.

Do you think dreams can be used as the basis for narratives or poems? Anyone have any experience doing so? Leave the comments below 


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4 responses to “Dreams Scapes

  • Devi

    Yes. I get many of my writing ideas from dreams. I used to keep a notepad next to my bed to write down ideas when I woke up but, unfortunately, I fell out of the habit.

    I don’t have any experience with lucid dreaming, but I’ve heard you can program your mind to play any “movie” you want while you are asleep. If you can harness that skill, I don’t see why you couldn’t use that as a way to explore different story ideas.

    • Damian Rucci

      I just started writing down my dreams. Lucid dreaming is amazing- some people can have a lucid dream every night of the week. The times I’ve had those sort of dreams I’ve tried to explore and make sense of it. I think next time I’ll attempt to formulate stories through it.

  • urbannight

    What you describe here is how I normally dream. But I don’t consider that lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is where you know you are dreaming and can take control of the dream. That I can do. There is an aspect of it that ties into being able to trigger certain dreams. I have never been able to succeed in that. And yes, I’ve gotten many a story idea from the dreamland.

  • Damian Rucci

    I wish I could do that too. The last two nights I’ve had the most powerful, emotional, and realistic dreams I’ve ever experienced. So bizarre.

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