Another Award: The Liebster Award

So I have been nominated again for a blogging award and this one comes from Maeve Murray from Wings and Waters as well. The award is based on a solid blog that has less than 200 subscriber, but upon choosing my nominees I may just break the rules a bit. Hey! I found a couple of great bloggers that I want to show off. Truth be told I have just over 50 email subscribers and a handful or RSS guys (plus loads of people following me across my social networks). If you would like to subscribe click the sign me up button to the right of this post or click the orange RSS icon. Do it and keep me annoying throughout the week 🙂 Thanks again Maeve and here we go!

The name of the game is to answer eleven questions and then nominate other bloggers to answer 11 questions of your own. Just to be crafty I’m going to nominate another 5 bloggers separate from yesterday; so no double dipping!

1.  What is the biggest recurring problem you have when writing?

I have the issue of over plotting. Time to time I’ll dedicate hours to plotting just to find myself discarding the whole damn thing and then writing off the top of my head. Plotting can be a good tool, but I usually like to let my characters run the show.

2. What is your method of editing?

Once I finish a draft, I like to let it sit by itself for a time period (days, weeks, or months) and then I’ll go over it with a red pen. First I read it over and look for issues in plot, structure, and dialogue. Then I go over it again for grammar, spelling, and syntax.

3. If you could write one novel, and ONLY one, what would it be about?

Zombie Penguins from Mars. Kidding, but I’m working on a novel so I’m keeping this one secret 😉

4. What passions did you have before you knew you wanted to be a writer?

A New York Yankee. But at the age of six i figured being a writer would be more fun.

5. Have you ever read something that took your breath away?  What was it?

Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck mastered the narrative in that one and the story is stunning. Absolutely amazing.

6. If you could design the cover to your debut novel, what would it look like?

Penguins dressed like Storm Troopers. Seriously.

7.  Have you ever written something you immediately erased or otherwise destroyed?

When I was like fifteen I wrote a book of poems that were probably damn good for my age, but in my teenage angst I tore it into shreds and through the memories away forever.

8.What is your favorite thing about being a writer – that doesn’t have to do with the actual writing itself?

I like the fact that my mind is constantly creating worlds. It’s kind of like having a movie screen built into my frontal lobes.

9. Your book is going to be published!  But the day before it’s due to come out, the stock market crashes and your publisher goes out of business.  Your reaction?

Self Publish it! I’ll sell it out of bedroom if I have to. Some stories need to be told.

10. Is there anything you would NEVER write for money?

Nah. As a Freelancer I’m just a step above prostitution. I sell my intellect to anyone with a shiny dime and I write what they want.

11.  Are you working on or do you ever plan to write a memoir?

With only nineteen years under my belt I have experienced some wild things. A memoir will certainly exist somewhere maybe fifty or sixty years down the line.

My nominees:

My questions:

1. How long do you typically write per day?

2. Name the books that have influenced your writing.

3. Are you a Genre writer, literary, or both?

4. Are you into self-publishing or traditional?

5. Do you ever have problems harming your characters? Explain.

6. Do you like to plot or do you like to just jump into the page?

7. How many drafts do you write before you stop?

8. What’s your proudest moment as a writer?

9. How old were you when you began to write?

10. In your opinion, can the craft of writing be taught?

11. Aren’t you glad I’m done asking questions? 😉

Alright everyone once you’ve posted your answers, comment on this post with your post link so I can keep up with the answers!

Thanks again,



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