The Lovely Blog Award

Yes, in my many years of blogging  I have never been nominated for a single award, but this week I’ve been nominated for three. Woo! Honoré Dupuis from Of Glass & Paper has nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award. This is very exciting and has made my morning. A big thank you to him and a thank you to everyone else who reads this blog. I will now commence the rules according to the award.


1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thanks you very much, it means a whole lot!

2. List several random facts about yourself. Did 25 yesterday; what’s another 7? )

3.  Nominate 15 bloggers.


Seven Random Things

1. Yesterday I posted 25 things about myself,  so here we go with another 7. I have been working on a rehash of my short story “Cycles”; this time it’s scary as all hell.

2.  I’m working on changing this blog slowly, but surely (eep adverbs). I want to add a landing page, change the sidebars, and fix the pages.

3. Finnbar5000 and I always discuss opening our own magazine and starting a podcast. You never know. You never know.

4. I am not enrolled in college at the moment, instead I’m working two jobs. Gah.

5. It makes me happy when people comment on my post. So comment will yah? 😛

6. I have never completed a Nanowrimo or Campnanowrimo month, but this November I’m running into the game swimming.

7. Here’s a secret: I’m starting a new health blog following me on the journey as I diet and convert to a healthy life style. Keep your eyes open.



1. Cristian Mihai at

2. Jeanne adwani at

3. Shannon A. Thompson at

4.  Amy at

5. Maeve Mc Murray http//

6. Finn at

7.  Urban Knight at

8. Nicole Basaraba at

9. Gin and Lemonade

10. Ryan Rawley

11. Alexis A. Hunter at

12. Gabriela Vargas at

13. Billie Jo Woods at

14. L at

15. Alana Roberts

(Don’t worry I’ll have a real blog post later)

Well everyone thank you for everything. Have a nice day!



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