Keeping Up the Pace

Well I missed a blog post yesterday, but what are ya gonna do? I had an idea for a pretty solid post and then of course, the joys of pointless labor kicked in. I worked at Stop n’ Shop until 1 and then Toys r’ Us until 9 at night. Lame. Well I’m not going to get all socio-political on you and explain the modern slavery of a non-resource based economy so I’m going to hop right into this madness. The madness of writing. To those who don’t really think writing is in fact madness may I explain to you the actual act of the craft (as far as fiction applies): you create people and places in the confines of your brain and then you write them down on a piece of paper. See when normal people make up people in their heads we call them crazy, but we’re not normal people are we? Oh no, we are writers and normal is as far away from reality as we choose to be.

The other day on the blog I mentioned how I wanted to build my writing pace up in preparation for Nanowrimo, which if you don’t know is a writing event where writers around the world attempt to write a novel in 30 days. I began my pace at 1000 words a day and have been on and off with that. Definition? I’m only at 3000 words! I know, I know. I’m working my way back up to 1000 words and will be writing 1000 words tonight, tomorrow, and the day after. In On Writing by Stephen King, he mentions a writer who everyday of his life would write for several hours and when he would finish a manuscript, he would toss it aside and start another piece of work. This is the routine I want to start myself on and I know I will succeed with hard work.

Over the next couple days and weeks you will notice massive changes in The Gray Pen. I am hard at work at solid content, a domain name, new pages, special events, author interviews, guest posts, and tons of other good stuff. Keep your eyes pealed.

Thank you to my readers for sticking through the ups and down with me. How’s everyone doing with their own writing? Would love to hear it.



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