How to Work Two Jobs and Write (without going crazy)

More and more people around the world are forced to work two jobs in order to counterbalance the rising cost of living and avoid the pitfalls of poverty; I am one of those people. I was unable to attend this fall semester of school (for reasons I will explain in another post I’m sure) and to save up money for a car and my own place I have taken the plunge and found myself a second job at Toys r’ Us. Now here’s where things get cloud; I work at Stop n’ Shop in the mornings, Toys r’ Us on some nights (bound to get much worse come season), partake in a semi-social life, and freelance write! Ah where is all the time?

Budget Your Time and Eliminate Pointless Tasks

While I hope to only work these two jobs until the end of December, I have started a trend of eliminating the pointless things in my life. I very rarely watch television or play video games too much. Instead I write and read and relax. Within the few hours of leeway time between jobs I take a crack at a blog post, article, or do some much needed reading. Like that new Justin Timberlake movie time is money; literally! I don’t sleep in too much anymore, I set my alarm early enough to guarantee me a full night of sleep, while still guaranteeing me plenty of time to accomplish the things I need to do.

Set Aside a Special Time to Do Your Writing

I have read plenty of blog posts and books from authors who discuss that a special time for their writing benefits both their schedule and their writing overall. My writing times differentiate throughout the week; on my easy days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I like to write early in the morning. While on the other three days I take a swing at writing at night. Setting a side a special time to silence your phone, turn off the internet, and dive into the prose will guarantee you a better product with less stress.

Just Relax

Sometimes life is tough. Having a full schedule is difficult, but everyone needs a break. Pick one day out of the week or even a couple hours out of a busy day and just kick back. If you find solace in writing (I hope you do) then do that; if your brain is too crowded then just lay back on the couch and watch some TV. Writing is an important extension of ourselves and while I’m sure many of us want to pursuit it full time, we can always day dream and squeeze it in until that day comes.

Working two jobs sucks, but trust me it’s not the end of the world. Calm yourself and write; you’ll be thanking me later.

How do you cope with your schedule?

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