Nanowrimo Prep

Well my birthday has come to a close in a great night of food and happiness and now I’m back to the grind-or back to the journey! The grind sounds way too much like work and while writing may take loads of dedication, determination, and time, but it certainly doesn’t equate itself to work. Now that I’ve gotten myself over that- let’s get into the topic of the post: Nanowrimo 2012. Ah the times are a’changing-I feel like Camp Nanowrimo was just yesterday.

Na-no-wri-mo: National Novel Writing Month. Every November, writers from around the world attempt to craft a 50,000 word novel in a mere 30 days.

It’s a daunting challenge. Essentially it breaks down to about 1600 words a day. Of course writers have their own methods like writing 3000 words every other day or diving into the madness of 10,000 words a weekend. Craziness.

I explained here my previous attempts at this challenge. My previous failures. This year I am working two jobs and am starting a brand new diet so my attempt at Nanowrimo will be another item to juggle. I will still charge into the battle with a pen drawn and a paper shield wielded. Alright enough with that. I’m going to take a swing at it this year and I hope I succeed. My trials to build up my word count have been stressed at best. Though tomorrow and Sunday I will have plenty of writing time.

This is all an experiment to see if I have what it takes. This year I’m going to do a new idea and not plot it at all.


Shh, I have some ideas in my head, but I’m going to let this character driven story tell itself. Let’s see how it goes.

Anyone preparing for Nanowrimo?



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