After Sandy

(Warning this post has tons of pictures. Just so you know)

Well unless many of you have been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, it’d be hard to ignore the catastrophe that has stricken the East Coast of the United States. Hurricane Sandy has devastated my entire area and finally after the last two weeks of recovery, power outages, and massive quantities of overtime- life is returning to normal. In the past (and upon almost all of my previous publications) I’ve used a tagline that states simply that I’m a writer from a small town on the Jersey Shore. Well now that most of the Jersey Shore is in ruins I think this holds true more than ever. I’m proud of my communities for aiding each other in this dire time of need.

Lucky enough for me I received little damage compared to my neighbors. The people who constructed my house almost a century and a half ago knew what they were doing and when the 12 feet of water consumed my street the water went around my house and swept out the rest of the street. During the early hours of the storm, waves were reaching my deck 16 feet up and destroyed my backyard. 

I stayed inside the majority of the storm only to sneak out at night once or twice to observe the storm surge that had made its way fifty feet or so up my street.

Sorry a bit blurry was hard to make out.

I awoke the following day to absolute carnage on my street, but even through the damage we were lucky. The two towns over Union Beach and Keansburg suffered the brunt of the destruction and rumors of the many dead were being whispered by those who had indeed tried to rescue them; the fire fighters.

This poor car was torn from its garage down the street and thrown into the midst of the storm.

An entire array of tools lands forty feet away from the garage that vanished. Damn.

Looting began before the storm even ended.

After Sandy had left she left behind ruin and homeless. My small community while we suffered physical damage we were very lucky. The town over Union Beach is still devastated with no power and National Guard on duty. Madness. Well just posting in to let you all know why I haven’t been on the inter-webs  but now I have power and my tons of overtime (supermarket with no power is hell. 300 lbs of stinking hell. Rotten ice cream is foul) has come to a close. While I’m still working two jobs, I’m back spreading this writing knowledge to you lovely folks who give me your time by reading. Once again Nanowrimo has been ruined for me, I guess I could hop in now, but I have some short stories to finish first.

Thank you everyone for being patient and to those who are still suffering keep your head up and don’t be ashamed to ask for help.



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