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An Introduction to Myself (25 things you Probably didn’t know)

Hello again everyone, over the last week the response from my readers and twitter people have been outstanding! I have realized that over the last week or so that I have gained loads of new followers and readers. This is exciting. When I started this blog I had the intention to share knowledge that I learn as I grow myself as a writer and a person.

One of these new readers is someone who I have subscribed to as well Jess Mittens at Mitten’s Skittens published a post, “Does my Picture Change Your Opinion? In this post she posted a picture of herself and went on to describe how perception is different to everyone on the person behind the text. This has inspired me to post about myself; to illustrate a better picture to new readers of the mad man who hides behind these words. Here’s 25 things about myself along with a couple of pictures.

25 Things 

I like to pretend I know how to sing and play.

  1.  I have been dedicated to being a writer since at age 6 I figured that being a New York Yankee wasn’t plausible
  2. I’ve been blogging since 8th grade when I was fourteen. I remember I was suspended for fighting and set up a Freewebs account. That site is probably still floating around cyberspace somewhere.
  3. When I was younger I wrote fantasy and action stuffs; now I write dark stories and horror. Though occasionally a sweet story will pop out.
  4. I work two jobs well three if you count  freelance writing.
  5. I barely escaped high school. For someone who aced every test, my teachers were shocked to discover my ambition in class. Instead I would fill notebooks from cover to cover with stories and poems. Blah.

    Working man.

  6. I failed my first year of college due to being lazy and bored with institutionalized education- I hope to come back in January.
  7. Last year I attended the AWP Writing Conference in Chicago, Illinois. It was absolutely life changing. I hope to go back this March, but it all depends on my monetary situation.
  8. I believe that more than half of what is taught in History class is pure Western propaganda.
  9. My first semester of college I was infatuated with Ancient Aliens and most of my World Civilization’s homework I would toss in little nuggets of the theory. Needless to say my professor wasn’t pleased.
  10. I am happily taken by a wonderful girl.
  11. I have been playing music since I was 14. I saved my allowance for three months until I could afford a $108.40 Blue Johnson guitar. I still have it.
  12. I began to play in a band of kids my age Dehydration we played one gig at a church called Holy Fire. Stupid us, we thought it was a club, not a church.

    No Faith Pure Shit. Oh yeah.

  13. Later when I was 17 I would form a band called No Faith. I have it’s named tattooed on my forearm. We did pretty damn good and played over 10 gigs.
  14. We were kicked out of a coffee shop. Enough said.
  15. I curse like a sailor.
  16. I work as a Meat Clerk at a Stop n’ Shop and at a Toys r’ Us. wah.
  17. I believe I opened my eyes when I was 16. I have followed the rabbit hole down and now am a complete Libertarian. Peace and love. Can you dig it?
  18. My first short story “Cycles” was published in Absent Willow Review. Of course, it wouldn’t be my life if the publication didn’t shut down a month later. Ah. At least it earned me an article at Bookkus.
  19. I have had paranormal experiences in my life.
  20. I’m the proud uncle of two beautiful nieces and a crazy nephew.
  21. I’m constantly seeking enlightenment through all mediums.
  22. I’m on a diet and will be blogging about it soon.
  23. I want to start a podcast one day.
  24. I love blogging and writing. I hope that one day I can desert these two crappy jobs and bring my attention to the written form and the true joys of life.
  25. Aliens.

Well there’s just 25 things about myself that I would like to share with you great readers. Drop me a line if you would like to connect, I would love to hear from you!



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