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A Collective of Sorts; Want to Guest Post?

To be a writer is an odd mental phenomena. Whether you subscribe to the notion that we are merely antennas t0 a greater a consciousness or that the imagination is a creation of our brain; you can’t deny that creating characters and stories and articulating them to readers across the world is a bizarre yet rewarding thing. Stereotypes of us as a whole will always be crafted like we are all drinkers or odd folk may apply to some, or many,  but I don’t want to over generalize my own people, but one may actually be true: we are a lone. Writing is a solemn experience between you and your word processor whether it’s a sheet of paper or a blank computer screen. In recent years this journey has become a lot less lonely; right now I am writing this and within seconds other people may read this and comment, share, and communicate. Writing has finally found its own mecca on the web. We’re here and we’re writing now.

This blog has been around for a long while, a couple of years now, but this is my most dedicated approach to it. There are thousands of other bloggers who blog about being writers and that may be a very conservative estimate. This time I’m going to start expanding this blog in a more communal way; guest posts, interviews, blog tour events, and tons of more things.

Want to guest post? Have a new book out and want to be interviewed? Want to just say hello? Go to the Contact Page and drop me a note.  We can even collaborate on a project or anything, just drop a line.

Blogging is a communal thing and I’m going to take it on headstrong.


How to Start Freelancing in 2012

Well I figured out that 97.99 percent of my readers are writers or readers or people who just like to mingle in the literary world.

First writing paycheck for first two assignments. Only 25 bucks, but it was a start.

The other 2.01 percent pertains to my girlfriend and a couple other folks who keep clicking my links on Facebook. You rock! But regardless I figured that every now and then I will start dropping knowledge to help you folks out with things I have learned. After all the whole scheme upon The Gray Pen was to figure out how to make it in the writing world together- as in me and you- like you scratch my back, I scratch yours- get it?

I’ve been Freelancing. Yes I have. I mentioned this several days ago in my post Ah, Here we Go Again, that I have begun to write stuffs for moneys. For years I’ve wanted to know to do this; I’ve searched through writing forums, read books, and queried, queried, queried! For a nineteen year old with no Freelance credits behind me-the path wasn’t even. I’ve found that there are 5 necessary things for the aspiring freelance writer to do in order to secure some job offers and further build their portfolio.

Warning! I am not a super rich professional nor am I someone who has built up a massive portfolio- I have been freelancing for the past month and have secured several clients throwing a couple hundred bucks in my bank. Here we go!1)

1. Assemble your Resume`

Before I began to look up job offers I knew within myself that I needed to have something to show. I had one or two publishing credits, but I knew this wouldn’t matter and I had a resume`, but I bet that wouldn’t do either. I started from scratch. I assembled a resume` listing my blogging experience, my current degree pursuit in college (Creative Writing), and an article I had published at Bookkus Publishing and a guest post.  I tooted my own horn at my blog and it’s audience, picked a sweet template from Google Docs (I guess Google Drive now bleh), and saved it as a .doc file ready to send it out to any one I thought would be a good fit.

2. Samples of Your Work 

This is the one step that troubled me when I first started. How can I send samples of my work if I’ve never written any content for a client? See the general rules of thumb for samples of your work are broad: I generally use a nice guest post I’ve written, or a single article on publishing I’ve written, or even some of my better blog posts. Granted each of these gets a fresh edit and is assembled at its finest. Granted for a themed publication, the best bet is to show work on something similar, but I’ve noticed that some just wish to see your ability to write. If they require a link rather than an attachment direct them to your blog or even E-zine Articles. Remember the prize is in the pudding.

3.  Finding the Gigs 

Where do you find these gigs? Below I’ll leave a list of places where the majority of work may be found, but remember this is a business. You may find prospective clients on the internet, at your local coffee shop, or through friends and family.

  • Elance (High paying jobs, but you will be competing with top notch professionals)
  • Guru (Same as Elance. Just remember persistence is key).
  • Text Broker (Just started using this, seems promising; haven’t landed a client yet).
  • Craigslist (Some may find it slightly sketchy, but I’ve landed 3 clients and one ongoing one $$)
  • Loads and loads of others! Just Google it!

Remember that if something seems odd, don’t continue. This is the internet and of course, sometimes people don’t have your best interest in mind.

4. Research your Assignments 

For my ongoing client I write about online slot games and occasionally I review online casinos. Now prior to this gig I had no idea about this! I can’t even legally gamble! However, through loads and loads and loads of research I have become quite knowledgeable in this field and I knock out assignments with ease. To make things easier for myself I use Evernote to clip information from the web and then I refer to that throughout my writing. Trust me- this will save you tons of time and frustration!

5. Stick to a Deadline 

Remember time is money and so is each of your assignments. Upon receiving your assignments get to work! Nothing is worse than being dropped by your client because you can’t stick to deadline. Of course things in life come up and a well placed email can easily ask for more time and if applicable you may just as well receive that! As of right now I have three assignments sitting in my mailbox and will get to work on them the second this post is published. Don’t hesitate. Your best bet is to set a side a certain part of the day to complete your assignments- mine is in the morning after my daily walk and as I drink down my coffee. Sticking to deadline will relieve stress and assure you complete your assignments. Remember this is business.

Well here are just five tips to get you Freelancing in 2012. Depending on how this post does and how you readers like this, I will post more on freelancing.

Farewell everyone and good luck!


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