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Keeping Up the Pace

Well I missed a blog post yesterday, but what are ya gonna do? I had an idea for a pretty solid post and then of course, the joys of pointless labor kicked in. I worked at Stop n’ Shop until 1 and then Toys r’ Us until 9 at night. Lame. Well I’m not going to get all socio-political on you and explain the modern slavery of a non-resource based economy so I’m going to hop right into this madness. The madness of writing. To those who don’t really think writing is in fact madness may I explain to you the actual act of the craft (as far as fiction applies): you create people and places in the confines of your brain and then you write them down on a piece of paper. See when normal people make up people in their heads we call them crazy, but we’re not normal people are we? Oh no, we are writers and normal is as far away from reality as we choose to be.

The other day on the blog I mentioned how I wanted to build my writing pace up in preparation for Nanowrimo, which if you don’t know is a writing event where writers around the world attempt to write a novel in 30 days. I began my pace at 1000 words a day and have been on and off with that. Definition? I’m only at 3000 words! I know, I know. I’m working my way back up to 1000 words and will be writing 1000 words tonight, tomorrow, and the day after. In On Writing by Stephen King, he mentions a writer who everyday of his life would write for several hours and when he would finish a manuscript, he would toss it aside and start another piece of work. This is the routine I want to start myself on and I know I will succeed with hard work.

Over the next couple days and weeks you will notice massive changes in The Gray Pen. I am hard at work at solid content, a domain name, new pages, special events, author interviews, guest posts, and tons of other good stuff. Keep your eyes pealed.

Thank you to my readers for sticking through the ups and down with me. How’s everyone doing with their own writing? Would love to hear it.



An Introduction to Myself (25 things you Probably didn’t know)

Hello again everyone, over the last week the response from my readers and twitter people have been outstanding! I have realized that over the last week or so that I have gained loads of new followers and readers. This is exciting. When I started this blog I had the intention to share knowledge that I learn as I grow myself as a writer and a person.

One of these new readers is someone who I have subscribed to as well Jess Mittens at Mitten’s Skittens published a post, “Does my Picture Change Your Opinion? In this post she posted a picture of herself and went on to describe how perception is different to everyone on the person behind the text. This has inspired me to post about myself; to illustrate a better picture to new readers of the mad man who hides behind these words. Here’s 25 things about myself along with a couple of pictures.

25 Things 

I like to pretend I know how to sing and play.

  1.  I have been dedicated to being a writer since at age 6 I figured that being a New York Yankee wasn’t plausible
  2. I’ve been blogging since 8th grade when I was fourteen. I remember I was suspended for fighting and set up a Freewebs account. That site is probably still floating around cyberspace somewhere.
  3. When I was younger I wrote fantasy and action stuffs; now I write dark stories and horror. Though occasionally a sweet story will pop out.
  4. I work two jobs well three if you count  freelance writing.
  5. I barely escaped high school. For someone who aced every test, my teachers were shocked to discover my ambition in class. Instead I would fill notebooks from cover to cover with stories and poems. Blah.

    Working man.

  6. I failed my first year of college due to being lazy and bored with institutionalized education- I hope to come back in January.
  7. Last year I attended the AWP Writing Conference in Chicago, Illinois. It was absolutely life changing. I hope to go back this March, but it all depends on my monetary situation.
  8. I believe that more than half of what is taught in History class is pure Western propaganda.
  9. My first semester of college I was infatuated with Ancient Aliens and most of my World Civilization’s homework I would toss in little nuggets of the theory. Needless to say my professor wasn’t pleased.
  10. I am happily taken by a wonderful girl.
  11. I have been playing music since I was 14. I saved my allowance for three months until I could afford a $108.40 Blue Johnson guitar. I still have it.
  12. I began to play in a band of kids my age Dehydration we played one gig at a church called Holy Fire. Stupid us, we thought it was a club, not a church.

    No Faith Pure Shit. Oh yeah.

  13. Later when I was 17 I would form a band called No Faith. I have it’s named tattooed on my forearm. We did pretty damn good and played over 10 gigs.
  14. We were kicked out of a coffee shop. Enough said.
  15. I curse like a sailor.
  16. I work as a Meat Clerk at a Stop n’ Shop and at a Toys r’ Us. wah.
  17. I believe I opened my eyes when I was 16. I have followed the rabbit hole down and now am a complete Libertarian. Peace and love. Can you dig it?
  18. My first short story “Cycles” was published in Absent Willow Review. Of course, it wouldn’t be my life if the publication didn’t shut down a month later. Ah. At least it earned me an article at Bookkus.
  19. I have had paranormal experiences in my life.
  20. I’m the proud uncle of two beautiful nieces and a crazy nephew.
  21. I’m constantly seeking enlightenment through all mediums.
  22. I’m on a diet and will be blogging about it soon.
  23. I want to start a podcast one day.
  24. I love blogging and writing. I hope that one day I can desert these two crappy jobs and bring my attention to the written form and the true joys of life.
  25. Aliens.

Well there’s just 25 things about myself that I would like to share with you great readers. Drop me a line if you would like to connect, I would love to hear from you!


Sleep Journal and finding Inspiration

I’ve been tiptoeing back into the writing game and besides this little blog here I am still a far way off. Somehow I want to inch myself to 2k words a day to prepare myself for the August Camp Nanowrimo event. Well I’ve mentioned in my post Dream Scapes , that my dreams have made a turn for the bizarre, yet wonderful. Each night I am gifted with near hours worth of narrative content etched along my brain. While these dreams may only physically appear within minutes, the dreams feel like an eternity that draw on all of my senses truly allowing me to develop an understanding of emotion within these narratives. Now while these dreams are random and without direction, I do believe it will one day be possible for me to manipulate the dreams and use my sleep cycles to  power my own writing.

I have several scraps of paper around my now clean bedroom listing the events of my dream. I find that the further I am away from the dream, the more my memory seems to fall away. But a journal seems like the perfect solution. Even Evernote or list on my hard drive could fulfill the need to remember such dreams. What ideas could be picked from my subconscious? Well my ideas are the means behind my war and the words are weapons, but I must take the ideologies and utilize my weapons with finesse in order to craft the perfect war machine of the arts.

Even a hundred or so words a night will be a start. By the end of July I want to be at nearly 2000 words a night. That was my old writing schedule before I tanked. Maybe if I finish Camp Nanowrimo, I can even step up my game to 3000 words a night or even 4000 by November! What? Can you imagine the possibilities of writing 4000 words a night? A novel length manuscript in merely 10 days? Of course, it’s unrealistic, but being able to slay the blank page with such returned confidence would be crucial.


Well guys just checking in with you ,letting you know I’m not giving up and I’m continuing to build my forces until I can conquer the blank page.

Sometimes I’m an Honest Writer

We all know the parental iron fist which crushes down on us when we’re young : don’t lie, and stop making up stories! That is a debilitating blow to the young psyche, why can’t I make up stories? Dreaming up imaginary tales are a necessary act of any writer who dreams to share his stories. Fiction is the act of making up stories, but I try to tell the truth when I do it.

Censorship is lame. When I envision a story in my head, I translate the story to the page just as I see it. If I have a prison inmate who yields from the a poor neighborhood and has a not-so-flattering personality, I’m not going to have him yell “o sugar!” Shit seems like the appropriate response. Sure, some folks may find the words offensive to them, but the story can’t be penalized to the whims of certain fragile eyes. I think we can all relate when watching an older movie, the dialogue is choppy and doesn’t seem real. Darn, dangit and sugar may be perfect phrases for your grandmother or an older character but a murderer most likely will never utter the words.

Racism, sexism and genuine strange points of view are not reflections of the author’s principles but of a true-blue created character. If you know J.T. Harren, an old-school detective with a chip on his shoulder is not a fan of homosexuality, blacks, and likes to beat his wife; working that into his persona will be beneficial to your readers. They will be able to acknowledge his ideas and bigotries.

As writers of fiction we must describe our imaginary worlds as truthful as lies may be.

What Writing Is

Last Train Home

Today while my girlfriend and I  were on our way back from the train station to our home, an idea crossed my mind. Writing is not for success, or riches or fame; but more along the lines of self-gratitude and fulfillment. If I were never to be a best-selling author or a renowned prolific author I wouldn’t fret or worry. As long as the stories were written and released to the world to entertain, thrill and frighten, then my job would be finished. Continue reading

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