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The Booker Award

Ah, well this is a bit embarrassing, but procrastination is something I do well. Well the old me used to do well

The shiny Booker Award badge. Shiny

(I’m changing that now). Maeve Murray, a fantastic writer and my cousin has nominated me for my first ever blogging award. Woo. This is extremely cool for lack of a better word and at midnight when I am writing this I am certainly lacking better words.

So this is how the thing works: I have to nominate five other bloggers for this award and then choose my five favorite books. So that is what I am going to do. You ready? Here we go:

Robin Ingle 

Billie Jo Woods 

Michelle Franklin

Marta Pelrine-Bacon 

Embejo Etc


Top five favorite books?

Each of these novels have invoked my imagination beyond the realms I dreamed possible and have kept me turning their pages long throughout the night.



Well there we go for that. Once again thank you Maeve! My apology for my lateness. Don’t worry folks I’ll have another post up in a couple of hours. What’s your favorite books?




Ah, Here we Go Again

Well now the rain is falling down quite steadily and the grays of the skies have painted a nice landscape over the water,

The Work space

I figure that it’s time to hop back on the wagon. No, not the alcohol wagging or something along those lines, but the blogging one. A lot has changed since the middle of the summer when I published the last post; a whole lot has been going on. While I never strayed from my writing I wrote some 10,000 words during a week march in Camp Nanowrimo, but of course, my luck is always a strange one. Upon hitting my 10,000 word mark after the first week of the online camp my laptop broke down. I almost lost everything on the hard drive though lucky for me I had a flash drive handy. Now I’m plugging away this blog post on a brand new HP M6 and even though it broke the bank account, it’s a fine piece of equipment.

This summer I’ve managed to earn myself a Freelance gig working for a steady client that always seems to have plenty of work for me to do. Now if you follow me on my twitter @damianrucci, you will know that this journey in itself to find a client that would offer work to a newbie that has no true professional experience was quite the endeavor, but oddly enough I found this gem of a client on Craigslist. And while I won’t drop the name I’ve banked close to $500 dollars over the last month or so doing this tedious article writing. Not bad- not going to quit my day job yet as the rest of the world has grown keen to informing me.

My work space is a massive black desk that I picked up last year for no true reason, well, the only reason was due to the fact that I smashed the last one into tiny little pieces, but perhaps that’s for another post. or a poem, or even a drunken conversation. This beauty is great and gives me plenty of room to type, edit, and all those other goodies (oh yes two oxford commas in two sentences. What would I do without them).  Next to me as I write is a calendar my lovely girlfriend bought me and above that is something I think Stephen King could recognize: a board full of rejection letters. Now I think I have about ten or eleven and I’m sure I have a couple more floating around in my email. These things get sweeter as the days go by, I’ve found.  I’ve even been lucky enough to receive several personal responses.

New inspiration swims through my veins and I’m prepared to take this writing game a step further. Last week I reread Stephen King’s On Writing and this time I feel I ingested most of its contents as the way it was supposed to be read. As my adolescence is coming to a close (three weeks until I turn 20), I am growing more and more secure in my thinking and feel as if I understand much more than I ever could.

Expect a lot more coming a long starting with tomorrow’s post. The time for me to grab this beast by the ears is now and finally after many years of trial and error I think I’ve found the correct path. Here we go again. With your support I think I can really do something with my writing. Wish me luck.

Thanks all,


Weekly Round-Up

Well in case you are coming late to the party and missed some of the posts this week here is a list of the posts. Enjoy 🙂

This Weeks Posts

1. To Be or Not to Be a Good Writer

2. The Crusade Against Genre Fiction

3. Poem- Past Tense

4. 5 Reasons Why You Will Never Be A Writer

5. Essay-The War Against a Free Internet



Well there are the posts for this week. Make sure to subscribe because there will be new posts starting tomorrow morning.

I Think, therefore I blog.

Well I stumbled upon an interesting blog, I Think Therefore I blog, and it inspired the title of this post. I’ve been a member of the blogosphere (as this world of blogs is so commonly referred) since sometime around summer of 2008. Of course, writing has always enticed me (fiction that is), and I never seemed to bat an eye at non-fiction when I was younger; it was boring, it was dry and it was too full of opinion for my young mind to take hold. As I grew older I grew closer to the art of non-fiction works and that is where I find blogging so appealing. On the Internet, anyone can voice their opinion, their work and anything they wish to share with the entire world. Isn’t that amazing?

Essentially, this big cyber world of blogs is not an electric book or collection of pages. Instead, it is a series of open conversations allowing Joe the Mailman to blog about his day to day run-ins with the neighbor’s dogs; Jessica, the teacher’s pet to link to his post and Justin, a game designer, to comment on both and the three to engage.


I think writers engage this universal exchange of ideas in a different light; each of us toying with our own ideas of promotion, social involvement, entertainment and gathering an audience. This blog, The Gray Pen, is a virtual journal of my journey to literary success. I’ve had my first short story published “Cycles” , and of course, now I’m looking to spread more of my work. This little piece of the blogosphere is my white light in an ocean of others.

What do you think of blogging? Is it the inherent sequel of news and other text implications?

Would love to hear your opinions 🙂

D.F. Rucci

Published, now what?

Well I hit one of my earliest milestones in my writing career and that is to be published. My short story “Cycles” has been published in The Absent Willow Review. The lovely people over there also managed to pair the story with a horrific painting of a vampire which is awesome! After publication I spotted some spelling errors, but hey even Harry Potter has mistakes.

I want to branch out more. The week hiatus I took as I dealt with school issues seemed to disrupt the amount of page views I was receiving, but I will keep posting to the end! As I write this, I have a half dozen short stories in various stages of completion; all eager to seek some sort of recognition. I’ll be doing another mad dash at magazines to try and pair some of my stories with homes. Over a month ago I mentioned a serial fiction series and that has not been abandoned. Sometime early August I will be putting that through full force, but I’ll keep u guys up to the minute on it on my twitter @damianrucci.

I’ve been inspired by some authors that I’ve met on twitter like Michelle Franklin, who’s new e-book, Tales from Frewyn is receiving awesome reviews (and I will be reviewing it sometime this week once Amazon recognizes my kindle reader on my mac!). These inspirations have driven me to start planning an e-book that I hope to launch in mid-July. This book would contain some horror shorts, poetry, and two novellas I have lying around.

Well just checking in for today, does anyone know how to register the kindle reader for mac?


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