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Frying the Cliche’

Can you smell it in the air? The breath of a fresh (not new!) cliche which is being weaved between the words of your favorite novels? A cliche is an unoriginal thought that is mostly known as the sign of a weak writer. We’ve all all been vicitms of cliche’d thoughts; whether good or bad that have made their ways into our minds. I sure know I have, some characters appear to be typical stereotypes, while others are advanced original chracters solid in their own will. Continue reading


Sorrows of the draft

Welp, if you’ve been following this blog over the last week you’ll notice that I mentioned I would post another story in the series. That’s where this post begins, I have gone back and edited the draft time and time again, but I still am not pleased. I have gone back and am now in the process of redrafting the series keeping Vinnie as the protagonist while introducing other worthwhile characters. I’ve been working on a way to launch it properly and effectively so that is why it has been delayed three times now 😛

Each story will be published 7pm on Tuesday every week. That following weekend I will be posting an audio version with full narration and sound effects for everyone. This will be a big project and I am doing my best to make it amazing. Tomorrow I will publish the sequel to Unlucky 7s, it is called Bullet from a Gravestone, and it will be a three part story. So that means that two stories will be up this week! Also tomorrow, I will shed more light on the series and will launch its own page on The Gray Pen.

Continue reading

Crunching Deadlines

The last several weeks have been difficult to confine down into appriate times to write. I am enrolled in the Storyaday Warmup writing course, and 101 ways to Write a Short Story, as well as my prior engagements in school. Nevertheless, I keep on trying to write more and more of my stories, and though I’m a week late, the new story will be online tomorrow at 7pm. Its title is, Bullet from a GravestoneContinue reading

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